The Art Of Sculpting

Sculpting has been with us for centuries now and has become a vital part of the art industry. It is also a part of man's history. We stand and adore these exceptional creations not knowing the hard work that has been put in every piece.
Without the art of sculpting, we will not have any displays at our homes. We will not be able to collect those little angel figurines that every one adores. Even the smallest kind of sculpture takes a lot of time, effort and creativity to finish.
When someone talks about sculptures, most people will think those huge statues that they see in the museums, school and other places. But sculpting is not only limited to creating human and animal statues, in fact there are several kinds of sculptures which are:

  • Free-standing sculpture - the sculpture surrounded by space on all sides.
  • Sound sculpture
  • Light sculpture
  • Jewelery
  • Relief - the sculpture that is connected to a background
  • Site-specific art
  • Kinetic sculpture - which involves physical motion such as fountains.
  • Statue
  • Stacked art - set of objects that are stacked together to form a figure or a specific object
  • Architectural sculpture

Sculptures are also made out of different materials, usually from stone, wood and metal. And with the use of different materials involve the use of different techniques. These techniques are known as follows:
  • Stone carving
  • Bronze sculpture
  • Wood carving
  • Casting

No matter what kind of sculpture it is, every art work is a result of hard work and creativity by artists that truly amazes a lot of people. Now, more and more people are appreciating these kinds of art and are giving more attention than before.